Liam Denton – Owner of Glasshouse Barbers

and Hair systems specialist.

I noticed my hair starting to recede relatively young; as you can imagine, this eroded my confidence as quickly as my hairline. So I started looking at solutions. As many blokes do, I began considering a trip to Turkey. After doing much research, I realised this wasn’t for me. That’s when I came across hair systems, the incredible natural look, instant results and no need for painful surgery!

Only one issue, the quality of many current specialists wasn’t excellent. Already being in the hair industry and running my barbershop, I looked at this and saw an opportunity to give back confidence and impact other men’s lives.

What is a hair system?

A hair system is a non-surgical, hair product also formally referred to as a wig or a toupee.

Why is it called a hair system or non-surgical hair replacement system and not a wig? What the difference?

The terms hair systems, non-surgical hair replacement systems or wigs are just that, terms. With the industry and products evolving over the last few decades, the term wigs, have become in many ways redundant as the hair systems become more modern and natural in appearance than ever before.

How long does the hair last?

Each hair system has an average lifespan before a replacement is required. It will depend on how well you care and look after your hair system but typically our hair lasts around 3-5 months, some of our clients have made them last a lot longer.

All hair systems will lose hair over time just like normal natural hair that sheds. The hair is ventilated into either a lace or skin base system so hair will shed over a period of time.

We do of course provide full details of how to look after your hair system including washing, conditioning and the best styling products all of which is covered in your free consultation.

Is the hair system waterproof?

Yes most definitely! Our hair systems are like having natural hair grown from the roots, you will be able to shower and wash your hair like normal. There are a few techniques we will show you on how to wash and condition your hair.

If you are a regular swimmer that’s fine to, we will advise you on a more regular maintenance program to preserve the life of your hair system. We want to ensure that you can wear your hair system in the most natural way without having any complications. We will ask you a few questions in our consultation session to make sure we advise on how to get the best results

Can anyone tell that I am wearing a hair system?

No one will know that you are wearing a hair replacement system as they are undetectable. Even close up. Our systems are made with a lace or a skin poly base. Both replicate the scalp and the hair will look as if it is growing from your own scalp.

“Having suffered with progressive hair loss for nearly 20 years I researched hair transplants and soon realised the process was not for me for a number of reasons. Thinking a new head of hair and lease of life was a dying dream, I spoke with Liam, owner of Glasshouse barbers and he suggested we look at a hair system. It seemed laughable but he persuaded me to take a look. Best decision of my life and now 6 months on of using a hair system I feel better and better. Confidence is back and I enjoy aspects of life I had become to dread”


“I decided on getting a hair system fitted because I was very conscious of my hairline and how thin my hair was. Since having it fitted I can do nothing but recommend getting one if you’re considering it, it boosts your confidence massively and makes you feel much more comfortable about your hair. Liams on the ball with giving you advice on how to wash it and maintain it which helps a lot. Best decision I’ve made 10/10”


“I was extremely anxious about getting a system, but Liam put me at ease immediately. His guidance and expertise has helped me maintain my system making it indistinguishable from my own hair. It’s given me a badly needed confidence boost. I’d recommend it to anyone thinking about it”.



Consultation – £20
Full System – £650
Maintenance Full System & Cut – £48
Classic Cut – £15
Skin Fade – £17
Adhesives, tapes and removers – from £10
Shampoo & Conditioner – from £30

“Liams attention to detail before and during the fitting was second to none. My system is a perfect colour match and fit. The aftercare service is where Liam has really proved himself, being on hand for advice and help any time since my fitting. No regrets about making the jump and well worth the money.”


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