What is a hair system?

A hair system is a non-surgical, hair product also formally referred to as a wig or a toupee.

Why is it called a hair system or non-surgical hair replacement system and not a wig? What the difference?

The terms hair systems, non-surgical hair replacement systems or wigs are just that, terms. With the industry and products evolving over the last few decades, the term wigs, have become in many ways redundant as the hair systems become more modern and natural in appearance than ever before.

Are the hair systems itchy?

Modern hair systems are made to be light and comfortable. The days of itchy systems are long gone. A properly fitted, well-ventilated cap will ensure that you hardly notice the feathers on your head.

What is the best way to clean the hair system?

The process involved is very easy, and we will explain the full process during your fitting.

Is it difficult to maintain a hair replacement system? And can I style it?

Looking after a hair system is no more difficult than looking after your hair. The rules are virtually the same, the only difference is you need to take a little extra care with your system and ensure you have been shown how to properly maintain it by a stylist.

How long does the hair last?

Each hair system has an average lifespan before a replacement is required. It will depend on how well you care and look after your hair system but typically our hair lasts around 3-5 months, some of our clients have made them last a lot longer.

All hair systems will lose hair over time just like normal natural hair that sheds. The hair is ventilated into either a lace or skin base system so hair will shed over a period of time.

We do of course provide full details of how to look after your hair system including washing, conditioning and the best styling products all of which is covered in your free consultation.

Is the hair system waterproof?

Yes most definitely! Our hair systems are like having natural hair grown from the roots, you will be able to shower and wash your hair like normal. There are a few techniques we will show you on how to wash and condition your hair.

If you are a regular swimmer that’s fine to, we will advise you on a more regular maintenance program to preserve the life of your hair system. We want to ensure that you can wear your hair system in the most natural way without having any complications. We will ask you a few questions in our consultation session to make sure we advise on how to get the best results

How should I maintain my hair system?

Looking after your hair system is extremely simple. Regular washing with tepid water is important whenever you notice the hair is dirty. It is also necessary to use conditioner to restore moisture and elasticity of your hair. Air drying is recommended, however in a hurry a warm hair dryer can be used at a distant from the hair system.

Washing your hair system 1-2 times per week, more frequently if doing a lot of sport. There is no need to wash the hair every day when wearing the system.

We advise that on average you will need remove the hair system to clean and replace the adhesive bond every 4-6 weeks. If you live a fairly active lifestyle a maintenance session is recommend more frequently.

Maintenance is advised to check and maintain your scalp and to re-attach your system.

We offer a maintenance plan within all our salons, which include the removal of your hair system, a full wash & clean followed by your system being re-applied and styled.

Can anyone tell that I am wearing a hair system?

No one will know that you are wearing a hair replacement system as they are undetectable. Even close up. Our systems are made with a lace or a skin poly base. Both replicate the scalp and the hair will look as if it is growing from your own scalp.

Can I go to the gym straight after my hair replacement system is fitted?

No, in order for the system to fully cure, it is best to wait 24-48 hours before sweating profusely. Also, it is advised not to shower for the first 24 hours after your system is fitted.


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